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Dedsilva Shipping INC also specialize in the expediting of time critical express shipments with vehicles available 24/7 for Kenya collections/deliveries.

NEXT DAY – EVERY BUSINESS DAY, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu to name but a few. Dedsilva Shipping INC have been operating road services to and from Kenya. In fact, some of our scheduled groupage services can offer a real viable alternative to air freight.

Courier Services

Dedsilva Shipping INC has integrated Courier Services worldwide to Kenya. We offer reliable and high-quality courier services with personalized attention to our customers. A proof of delivery is issued and ensured protection of shipment is taken into consideration during its transit, by special packaging options done, depending on size and shape.

Warehousing & Storage
Warehousing is an integrated part of our logistics solutions. Dedsilva Shipping INC can offer excellent clean facilities for all your warehousing and storage requirements as a component of distribution.

With years of combined experience, we are well versed to the specific storage requirements of most products. Our facilities are strategically located for ease of reach and equipment access. The range of products includes old equipment and furniture that you would like to send back to Kenya.

Clearing & Forwarding
Our clearing and forwarding option, is part of the logistics division that specializes in clearing your consignment and forwarding these to the desired destinations based on the agreement. Our facilities are capable of handling commercial retail trade & industry equipment’s.

We are fully geared up to assist you with clearing and forwarding compliance procedures in the line of your supply chain logistics. Our experience in this field is unparalleled.

Our clearing and forwarding systems and processes can be tailored to give you more control of your supply chain, with our transport systems backed by radio call and phone units all geared to provide quick and precise information needed to enable us to operate with peak efficiency.

We have a reputation on delivering outstanding solutions that meet your specific needs.